Audrey Lebrun & Bénédicte Rinaldi

Caribbean Pole Camp - Guadeloupe

15th - 22th octobre 2023

Days camp
Hours of pole
Minutes off fun



Two offers are available : With our without accomodation

With accomodation



Participants’ arrival at the Point-à-Pitre Airport

Welcoming Creole Cocktail Hour

Surprise welcome gifts 




9h / 10h30 – Get Stronger with Audrey Lebrun

10h45 / 12h – I believe I can fly with Audrey Lebrun


Free afternoon

16h30 / 17h30 – Rhum factory tour with Rhum Tasting




9h / 10h30 – Signature tricks spinning with Bénédicte Rinaldi

10h45 / 12h15 – Yes I can with Bénédicte Rinaldi


12h – Départure to Malendure Beach

13h / 16h –  Malendure Beach and Turtle Spotting 

16h30/18h –  Natural Hot Bath in Bouillante beach

18h / 19h – Stretching at the villa


Wednesday (free choice)


7h30 – Morning Yoga

8h – Surf Initiation

9h30 – Fresh typical fruits breakfast


8h – Boat trip to observe cetaceans 

 (whales or dolphins depending on the period)! Whales can be shy and not let themselves be seen, although so far we have seen them every time! The outing lasts about 4 hours.


Free or 14h / 15h30 – Extra class exotic flow with Hanna Joyce 30€ for 90min (booking min. 1 weeek before camp)

17h30 – stretching with Hanna Joyce




9h / 10h30 – Split your life with Audrey Lebrun

10h45 / 12h15 – Pole like a ninja with Audrey Lebrun


14h – Waterfall and complimentary snack at the waterfall bottom

18h / 19h – Stretching at the villa




9h / 10h30 – Pole signature static with Bénédicte Rinaldi

10h45 / 12h – Pole Flow with Bénédicte Rinaldi


13h – Lunch at the Toubana hotel and spa (not included)

14h – Optional – Chill and sun bed at the Toubana Beach Hotel and Spa (private beach, approximately 30€ extra)



9h – Beach PhotoShoot at the beach

Free afternoon

18h – Pool party at the villa (BBQ, cocktails, tattoo artists)



09h – French and West Indian brunch at the villa 

12h – Check-out and departure

Breakfasts are included in the villa formula. Lunchs, evening meals and others are at your expense.

Be aware that you will stay in a share 1 bed (2 spot) rooms.

Plane ticket and car rental are not included in the package 

This stay is neither exchangeable not refundable, check the conditions of entry into Guadeloupe. We will not be able to reimburse you in the event of a positive Covid test.

workshop only



9h / 10h30 – Get Stronger avec Audrey Lebrun

10h45 / 12h – Envole toi avec Audrey Lebrun




9h / 10h30 – Signature tricks spinning avec Bénédicte Rinaldi

10h45 / 12h15 – Yes I Can avec Bénédicte Rinaldi




9h / 10h30 –Split ta vie avec Audrey Lebrun

10h45 / 12h15 – Pole like a ninja avec Audrey Lebrun




9h / 10h30 – Pole signature static avec Bénédicte Rinaldi

10h45 / 12h – Pole Flow avec Bénédicte Rinaldi


Libre ou 14h / 15h30 -Supplément cours d’exotic flow 30€ les 90min avec Hanna Joyce



9h / 12h – Shooting à la plage de la Perle ou sur Flying pole à bord d’un voilier (Extra 60€ par personne pour 10 photos)

14h – Upside Down (Handstand) avec Bénédicte Rinaldi 

18h – Pool party à la villa (BBQ, cocktails, tattoo artists)


Audrey Lebrun

Audrey discovered pole dancing in 2010 by watching a video of the 2009 American championships (miss Pole Dance USA). It was the revelation; the mix of acrobatics, strength and dance immediately transported her.

She began classes in one of the first schools in Paris where she undertook training to become a coach in 2011.

In 2013 she decided to continue her training at Pole Dance Paris with Marianna Baum.

In 2014 she is certified "XPERT Pole fitness instructor" level 1/2/3/4.
After having taught in many schools, she decided to open Pole & Motion since 2019.

Strong in dynamism and pedagogy, her objective will be to motivate you to surpass yourself, progress and give the best of yourself while having fun.

2019: World Pole Art Championship (12th)
3rd Exotic Godess Roma (Double Category)

2018: 3rd French Championship 2018
1st Inter-regional Pole Dance North Championship, Senior Women category

2017: 1st Pole Theater Paris, Classical/Pro Category with Steph Durand
Finalist Pole Theater Switzerland, Drama/Pro (solo)

2016: Winner Pole theater Comedy category with Steph Durand
Finalist Pole Theater World Classic Category with Steph Durand
3rd French Pole Dance Competition (Double Category with Steph Durand)

All levels

Do you want to have your lifts (ayesha, V, Shoulder mount…) and develop your strength?

Audrey will show you all the techniques to succeed in your lifts without expending crazy energy.


Beginner 2 / inter

In this course you will learn how to work on static dynamics. Fly away and overcome your fears!

All levels

Discover different tricks with your side splits. No need to succeed in your oversplits, there is always a way to cheat to give the illusion of a good split.


Beginner 2 / Inter

In this class you will learn drops and flips that look crazy with little effort.



Bénédicte Rinaldi

After her experience in artistic gymnastics,

Bénédicte discovered Pole Dancing in 2012 and it became immediately a passion. Since then she’s been teaching and participating to competitions.

Her signature moves mix strength and flexibility, and also acrobatics. She tries to include this gymnastics style in more artistic choreographies.

Pole Art Italy 2020 – 2nd place

Pole Art France 2018 – 2nd place

World Pole Art 2018- 3rd place

French Championship 2017- Winner

Pole Art France 2017- 2nd place / Best Show

World Polesport POSA 2016 & 2017 – Finalist top 10

French Polesport IPSF 2015 – Winner

Pole Theatre Paris 2014 – Drama & overall winner

beg / inter or inter / adv

Bendy moves, legs knots and “you-didn’t-see-it-coming” transitions… Come and learn her favorite tricks and combos on spinning pole ! You can choose to focus on flexibility or on transitions for different classes… Or a mix of both !

beg / inter or inter / adv

You think you’ll never be able to do a somersault in your life ? You love flips but you did not learn gymnastics ? This class is for you ! No crazy attitude but a clear break down of some acro tricks and spotting techniques will take you higher than expected.

beg / inter or inter / adv

Some dynamic moves, some legs knots, some spin on static transitions, and some cool drops…

Come and learn her favorite tricks and combos on static pole !

Learn static spins, floor-based tricks, rolls and flow transition and then dance them on the music ! Because you don’t want to feel awkward

anymore when it’s time to freestyle !

1H30 – Tous Niveaux

Tricks acrobatiques, de la gymnastique vers la pole dance.


Hanna Joyce

Hanna Joyce est une danseuse passionnée d’exotic, heels et chair dance. Egalement directrice de l’école Vertical Academy à Strasbourg depuis 4 ans et Caribbean Academy depuis peu.

Elle puise son inspiration dans le mélange de différents genres artistiques appris auprès des meilleurs studios et des plus grands artistes.

Hanna Joyce est finaliste de grandes compétitions internationales de pole dance et particulièrement en exotic, tels que : Pole theater Germany en 2018, Exotic Revolution St Petersbourg en 2019 et Exotic Generation France 2019 et 2022 (argent)

1h30 – Tous niveaux

Apprentissage de mouvements et d’enchainements hypnotiques et sensuels, alliant souplesse, équilibre, fluidité et musicalité.

1h – Tous niveaux

Uniquement pour les participantes avec Villa. Un cours d’assouplissement au bord de la piscine !

La villa

La villa

You will stay in a luxurious villa in Petit Bourg. A pool will be accessible a few minutes drive away from the studio.

The includes 5 double rooms (double bed only) to share amongst participants.

In a calm and breathtaking view, you will enjoy access to a saltwater pool and several spaces dedicated to rest.

Everything is organised for you to enjoy a stay perfectly balanced between relaxation, dance and discovery of the island.

Piscine au sel

5 Chambres

3 salles de bain



Detailed information

No, our offer includes: The accommodation, the workshops and the programmed activities.

You are responsible for booking your own flights, transfers and car rental.

Point à Pitre Airport. Flights are easily encountered via companies Air France, Air Caraïbes and Corsair.

We will set up a WhatsApp group with all the participants so you can organise the car rental together. 2 rentals are enough for 10 participants and cost approximately 40€ per person.

You will be offered everything necessary for breakfast. Other meals and restaurants are to your expense.

Each of the 5 rooms in the Villa includes one double bed to share.

Solo room is 300€ more

If you wish to handle accommodation on your own, you can choose our offer without Villa for 690€

From Begginners to intermediate 🙂

For the workshops, you should bring: pleasers, knee-guards, shoes for Heels Floorwork, shorts and sports bra. 

We will provide you with grip !

At the villa, all necessary linens and towels will also be provided.

In December, the temperature in Guadeloupe averages to 28 degrees in the day and 23 degrees at night.

The water temperature is around 27 degrees in the Caribbean.

Yes, a 4x payment plan is possible via PayPal. Contact us for more information

Unfortunately your stay is neither exchangeable nor refundable. Beware of the conditions of entry on Guadeloupe soil and the measures related to Covid. Your stay cannot be refunded if you are positive/positive for Covid.

For now nothing is mandatory for travelling to guadeloupe ! You can check the official website