Caribbean pole camp

10/03 To 17/03 With Villa

10.03.24 to 17.03.24 with Laura Lou & Bianca Bi

15h of Workshops, luxury villa, breakfasts included, welcome gift, shooting, pool party, Creole brunch and activities on the island.


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Participants’ arrival at the Point-à-Pitre Airport

Welcoming Creole Cocktail Hour

Surprise welcome gifts 🎁



9h / 10h30 – Flow essentials with Laura Lou

10h45 / 12h – Sensual slow flow with Laura Lou

Free afternoon

16h30 / 17h30 – Rhum factory tour with Rhum Tasting




9h / 10h30 – Exotic elements with Bianca Bi

10h45 / 12h15 – Exotic Squad with Bianca Bi


12h – Départure to Malendure Beach

13h / 16h –  Malendure Beach and Turtle Spotting 🐢

16h30/18h –  Natural Hot Bath in Bouillante beach

18h / 19h – Stretching at the villa


Wednesday (free choice)


7h30 – Morning Yoga

8h – Surf Initiation

9h30 – Fresh typical fruits breakfast


8h – Boat trip to observe cetaceans 🐳 (whales or dolphins depending on the period)! Whales can be shy and not let themselves be seen, although so far we have seen them every time! The outing lasts about 4 hours.



9h / 10h30 – Bewitched Dynamic work with Laura Lou

10h45 / 12h15 – Hypnotized Legwork with Laura Lou

Free afternoon

Repas à prévoir par vos soins

14h – Waterfall and complimentary snack at the waterfall bottom

18h / 19h – Stretching at the villa




9h / 10h30 – Exotic all in with Bianca Bi

10h45 / 12h – Beauty in simple with Bianca Bi


13h – Lunch at the Toubana hotel and spa (not included)

14h – Optional – Chill and sun bed at the Toubana Beach Hotel and Spa (private beach, approximately 30€ extra)



9h – Beach PhotoShoot at the beach

Free afternoon

18h – Pool party at the villa (BBQ, cocktails, tattoo artists)



09h – French and West Indian brunch at the villa 🥥🍍

12h – Check-out and departure

Breakfasts are included in the villa formula. Lunches, evening meals and others are at your expense.

Be aware that you will stay in a share 1 bed (2 spot) rooms.

Plane ticket and car rental are not included in the package 🙂

This stay is neither exchangeable nor refundable, check the conditions of entry into Guadeloupe. We will not be able to reimburse you in the event of a positive Covid test.


Pour passer 2 semaines en Guadeloupe avec Marion Crampe et Marie & Lucie

-10% Si tu bookes le camp de Marion et de Marie & Lucie avec le code “2WEEKS”

  • 21.01.24 au 04.02.24